Digital assets

Our expertise and focus are on the digital asset industry. We have contributed our effort and resource to explore this industry and we found the success since we are the firm who handle highest number of application including success rate.

Financial technology

Due to the similarity of fin-tech industry, we also extend our expertise for the products in the financial market like international money transfer, electronic wallet, peers to peers lending since the product share the common logical.

Asset management

We familiar with both of the asset management industry and capital market rules. Our expertise will be on fund which incorporated as a foreign fund and alternative asset fund. We also handle the regular asset management engagements as well.


Automotive industry is one of our counsel expertise since he spends most of his professional life service to the multinational automotive companies and its part suppliers both national and regional level.

Digital Agency

As we familiar with the digital business and non-face-to-face transaction, we also provide services to the digital agencies. We understand the nature of industry and requirement both of long term and day-to-day operation.

Software Development

We work along side by side with the developer team. With our expertise and understanding for the technology industries, we understand the working cycle, culture and requirement including goal as well.


One of our counsel has experienced with global legal support for the major hotel chain in 38 different jurisdictions. His support focusing on business expanding and maintain the hotel operation including online travel agent, MICE, online marketing, food and beverage.

Food & Beverage

One of our client is a premium famous food and beverage entrepreneur, we have work with them since very beginning in every aspect starting from open the new stores, employment, procurement of raw materials, business suspension including terminate of the stores.


Our service has been addressed to the international school in Thailand in relation to corporate structure, article of association including prepare the foundation to support the international school operation.