Capital Markets

We have a robust experience with many innovate capital market projects like digital asset exchange and ICO Portal. We could represent that more than half of digital assets application are prepared by us.

Financial Markets

The innovate products of financial market including electronic wallets, peers to peers lending. We could provide the full services including prepare application for legal, compliance, information technology.

Private and Equity fund

The funds are also under our field of our practice. We do specialize for the foreign fund. Moreover, we also provide service to acquire the various asset management licenses from regulators.


Our counsel is a few specialist in Thailand who specialized in international Anti-Corruption scheme. He has experience in set up the full Anti-Corruption scheme for many multinational companies from the ground.

Corporate & Commercial

The corporate and commercial are in our DNA in day-to-day practice including corporate work and commercial drafting service, provide legal advice especially employment issue is our expertise.


As we are specialized in fin-tech industry, you could be certain that the compliance is our expertise including advisory, planning and training. We have designed system for many fin-tech firms which endorsed by relevant regulators thereafter.

Dispute resolutions

We also handle the disputes resolution to secure and safeguard our client. We shall manage the matter with our litigation partner. The case shall be carefully managed.


Our practice shall include the immigration service for both of skill and non-skill for visa and work permit. Your applications shall be prepared in accordance with applicable regulations.

Information technology

We also provide the information technology services related to the licenses like IT security, system designing, wallet management, cryptography.


We have the accounting partner with graduated from the leading university in Thailand, experience in Big 4 and overseas. Our bookkeeping service shall be provided in accordance with the accounting standard.

Intellectual property

To secure and safeguard your interest, we also provide services in relation to the intellectual property practice. Our counsel has experience in handle many trademarks in more than 40 jurisdictions across the world.

Internal audit

We also provide the internal audit to cover the requirement of clients from time to time. We also experience to prepare the full annual internal audit methodology endorsed by the AMLO as a primary regulator.